Securitron Wave Switch - Single




No-touch switch for hands-free activation

The Wave Sense Switch features a new class of motion sensing technology for hands-free, contactless switch activation. Use for request to exit (REX), activation or on/off switching to trigger a variety of access control devices in place of a push plate or push button.

Product Features

  • Active microwave motion sensing using Doppler radar—more reliable than infrared sensors
  • Adjustable sensing zone from 4” to 24” helps screen out incidental traffic
  • Microwave sensing FCC certified for use in general and medical environments
  • Touchless activation for hands-free operation, reduces transmission of germs
  • Pulse mode to initiate action or toggle mode to provide on/off switch
  • Offered in a single-gang or double-gang model
  • Mounting ring included or install in standard plastic or metal gang box
  • Water resistant—foam gasket included
  • Compatible with Securitron WBB Weather Back Box and WCC Weather Cover-Clear

Specification Data

  • Electromagnetic compatibility according to 2004/108/EC
  • FCC: G9B-MS08
  • IC: 4680A-MS08

Single gang faceplate:
4-1/2” x 2-3/4” 

Self-sensing 12 or 24V DC or AC input (± 10%)
Maximum power consumption: less than 1.5W (125 mW at 12 VDC)
1A SPDT contact can be operated in toggle or pulse mode
Pulse output: 0.5 seconds

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